MIRANDA & ESTAVILLO renders, among others, the following services:


Attention to individual trials before the Conciliation and Arbitration local and federal boards in Mexico City and within the Country.

Attention to strike summoned and collective trials by managing of collective agreements.

Filing of injunctions (Amparo) before the judiciary power against acts issued by the Labor Authorities.

Direct Intermediation in collective labor negotiations.

Ratification of terminations of labor relations with employees before the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards


Consulting and training on labor law issues in both individual and collective matters;

Formulation and delivery of specialized courses on specific topics in labor matters;

Advice and consultancy in negotiations of collective labor agreements.

Advising the Human Resources and / or legal department of companies in those aspects related to personnel management, either for the collective or individual level.

Advice on compliance with Mexican Official Standards regarding fulfillment, in line with the provisions of the Federal Labor Law. (Inspections of the Ministry of Labor).

Counseling when the company is subject to an inspection or subpoena by the Ministry or Department of Labor and Social Welfare.

Advice and defense in the administrative disciplinary proceedings that the Ministry of Labor puts in place against the Company (challenge fines).


Counseling and/or preparation of documentation that every company is required to maintain under the Federal Labor Law, as the Internal Work Regulations; Individual labor contracts; Pay slips; Assistance controls; among others


Training and Productivity;

Health and Safety in the workplace;

Involvement of Employees in Profit Sharing (PTU)

General Table of Seniority

Internal work regulation

Additionally, M&E advice its clients on personnel restructuring and negotiations with unions